How It Works

Here is how our St. James Neighbor Day Fundraising Auction works:

  1. Local businesses, parishioners, and community residents donate merchandise, gift cards, gift certificates, and cash to raise money for St. James Ministries of service outreach.   *See examples listed at bottom of page.
  2. Donors submit their donated auction items and/or cash via an online DONATION Form.
  3. Cash donations may be any size and may include pledges for matching donations up to whatever amount specified by the donor.
  4. Contributing businesses receive various forms of recognition during the event promotional period. (Sep – Oct).
  5. Donated items are showcased at the auction website and on social media.
  6. Community residents complete an online REGISTRATION Form at the auction site to receive authorization to bid during the 2-week online bidding period. (Oct 2 – Oct 16)
  7. Registered users browse the auction website and place their bids online at their convenience.
  8. Bids are automatically updated at the auction website in real time.
  9. Bidders are notified via email when they are outbid, if they choose to be.
  10. On a Saturday, October 16th, St. James will host a 3-hour live virtual event bringing our 2-week online auction to a close.
  11. The Neighbor Day Crew coordinates winner notification via telephone and email after the auction closes.
  12. The Neighbor Day Crew facilitates the collection of payments and coordination of winner pickups at St. James during the following week.

* Popular donated items include: gift cards & gift certificates, gift bags & gift baskets, jewelry, fine art & craft, decorations, antiques & collectibles, kitchen accessories, furniture & home accessories, lawn & garden, food & beverage, tickets & passes, toys & games, recreational equipment, hobby accessories, clothing & accessories, tools, electronics, auto & boat related, pet related, books music & videos, and more.

Item Description Tips . . . 

Well-presented “showcases” will generate increased interest and greatly boost bidding activity. When submitting information on the Donation Form, please provide the following:

  1. Physical Description
    • word description – 3 or 4 sentences
    • dimensions (L x W x H) –  inches
    • color(s)
    • size
    • brand
    • model number
    • condition (new, like new, gently used, not working, antique, etc.)
    • approximate age
    • history, if known
  2. Estimated Value ($)
    • what you paid, or
    • what you think it is worth

In addition, please plan on submitting some Good Photos. Your volunteer Neighbor Day Coordinator can assist, if necessary. Here are some photo tips:

  • use a cell phone, if you like
  • at least 4 photos
  • different angles, showing details

Contact:  Kevin & Drew Jeske-Polyak | | 865-659-6742