Neighbor Day Crew


  1. Neighbors complete the REGISTRATION Form at the website.
  2. Neighbor Day Crew receives an email alert.
  3. Neighbor Day Crew assigns a password to the requested username.
  4. Password format:  first name initial, full last name, month & day; all small letters   (e.g. U= MissFitz  |  P=lfitzpatrick0915)
  5. Neighbor Day Crew calls registrant to congratulate them and reveal the assigned password.
  6. Password may be modified if registrant expresses a preference.
  7. Voicemail may be left with username & password, if necessary.
  8. Neighbor Day Crew  immediately creates username & password at site. (after phone call)
  9. If person to person contact was established, Role = Bidder St James (if they are a St. James member) or Bidder at Large (if they are not a St. James member).
  10. If person to person contact was not established, Role = Bidder.
  11. Neighbor Day Crew places follow up phone calls to unconfirmed users.
  12. Status of unconfirmed users upgraded upon confirmation.


  1. Integrity of all “high bids” for all items reviewed by Neighbor Day Crew.
  2. Items sorted by “Winners” and combined with contact information.
  3. Winners called and informed:
    • Items: names, item #’s, bid total
    • Payment Options: (cash or credit card, exact change, sorry no checks)
    • Location: 1101 N. Broadway; Parish Hall Door (please remain outside)
    • Pick up Times (following week): Mon – Fri 10 am – 2 pm & 5 pm – 7 pm
    • Call Ahead 865-523-5687 to make an appointment for pickup.
    • Speak with Marilyn or leave a message for her.
    • Bring box(s) for easy transport.


  1. Winner Manifest Sheets : winner name, items won, $ amount, SJ affiliation.
  2. Inventory sorted into lots according to Winner Manifest Sheets.
  3. Larger lots may be assembled “packed” into boxes.
  4. Neighbor Day Crew handle to ALL pickup appointments.
  5. Payments will occur at the Parish Hall exterior door.
  6. Winners remain outside.
  7. Winners sign Winner Manifest Sheets on a clipboard to confirm pickup.
  8. Additional donations recorded on Winner Manifest Sheets.
  9. Winners receive a preprinted copy of their Manifest Sheet as a payment receipt.
  10. Payments delivered to Business Manager each day.

Drew Jeske-Polyak  | | 865-659-6742
Kevin Jeske-Polyak | | 865-363-9663