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Christmas Plate '68

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Royal Copenhagen 1968 Christmas Plate, The last umiak in Greenland, this beautiful plate is in perfect condition. From 1968 it is part of their annual holiday series. This plate is marked the Last Umiak and signed by Kai Lange. It measures roughly 7" in diameter. Depicts a Greenland sled dog looking over the sea, where a Greenlandic umiak is sliding through the water. The umiak is an old Greenlandic type of boat, with a wooden framework covered by animal skin. This type of boat was used when people moved into the fiords in summer, where the possibilities of catching fish and seals were good.The women rowed the boat, and the owner sat at the rudder. At night, during the long travel, the boat was turned upside down, and people slept under them. The sledge dog is still used in Greenland to pull their sledges, as other means of transportation are difficult to use because of the ice and snow. 

The tradition of Christmas plates started hundreds of years ago in Europe, when wealthy people presented their servants with cakes and sweets, served on decorative plates of wood or metal at Christmas time. The servants referred to these gifts as their Christmas Plate. In 1895 Bing & Grøndahl produced the first Christmas plate made from porcelain, with the date inscribed, and has made one each year since. In 1908 the Royal Copenhagen factory followed suit. Each year these plates are made in limited quantities and have been collectable for over 100 years. Each plate is made in the year of issue only, after which the mould is destroyed, and the design is never made again. Diameter: 7.28". Buy this one or the all 3 to have a set.

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